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Lake Meliquina, Patagonia Argentina

Tourism Meliquina

Discover Village Lake Meliquina, a hidden treasure in the majestic Argentine Patagonia, where nature is our greatest wealth. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Meliquina, an oasis surrounded by a carefully preserved natural environment. Explore our small town, powered by renewable energy, where we choose sustainability and harmony with nature as an authentic lifestyle.

Embark on a unique adventure at Villa Lago Meliquina, where sustainability and natural beauty converge to offer a unique experience in Argentine Patagonia!

Join us to enjoy the unique fusion of ecological responsibility and breathtaking landscapes that make Villa Lago Meliquina a must-visit destination for discerning travelers. This website is your compass as you discover where the wonders of Patagonia come to life.

#Meliquina Beaches

Enjoy the beaches of Meliquina safely - It is important to keep in mind that the lake shores can be steep or deep, and the waters are cold. In summer, the water can be warm on the surface, but much colder below. Take precautions when swimming. Children should be supervised whenever they play in or near water. The coast does not have a lifeguard service.

#Meliquina River

Let yourself be surprised by the landscape and the hidden corners that the river offers; You will find shade from native trees, places with greater currents, daytime campfires and free camping. The mouth of the river offers a beach sheltered from the wind and with lower water flow during the summer months.

#The Path

Depending on the season of the year, you may find loose animals, snow or ice on the road. In winter snow chains are recommended. It is a rural area, enjoy the scenery and drive carefully.


Meliquina is a paradise all year round, in winter don't forget your waterproof coat to enjoy nature. During autumn and spring it can rain, or you may be surprised by wonderful sunshine. In summer, bring your sunscreen and enjoy!

#Vacation Season

From December to March we receive many visitors to the Villa. Ski and snowboard enthusiasts choose us between July and August to take advantage of Lago Hermoso Ski Resort and Chapelco Ski Resort.

#Medical Attention

The closest hospital is located in San Martín de los Andes.


Nature is our wealth. Please don't leave trash, take it back. The villa does not have a public bathroom, do not leave waste that was not there before your visit.

#Payment Methods

Bring cash to make purchases, the villa does not have an ATM at the moment. It is common practice in restaurants and cafes to tip employees for good service.

#Quality of Life

The products and services that you can purchase in the town are mostly organic and sustainable, produced by the residents of Meliquina with renewable energy. We invite you to try them!

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